Session Topics

Nicholas Cowall

Unveiling the Beauty of Russian Orthodox Liturgical Aesthetic Through Choral Singing

Immersing oneself in the Russian Orthodox liturgical aesthetic is akin to stepping into a realm of profound beauty and spiritual depth. Rooted in centuries-old traditions, this unique aesthetic captures the heart through its rich tapestry of iconography, architecture, sacred texts, and, notably, choral singing. The Choir plays an instrumental role in Russian Orthodox worship, infusing the liturgy with a heavenly resonance that uplifts the soul.

Vladimir Morosan

Preserving the Heritage: Denis Brearley and the Orthodox Sacred Music Reference Library

Conducting Masterclass

Irina du Quenoy

“ROCOR” Aesthetic of Liturgical Music – Tradition and Evolution

The presentation examines two interrelated questions: (1) what IS the ROCOR aesthetic of liturgical singing, and (2) how does one ensure the transmission of “good taste” between generations of singers, especially in a context as heterogeneous as the ROCOR kliros is today?

Nicholas Ganson

A Musical Life Well Lived: E.I. Evetz and His Quest for the Preservation of the Russian Choral Heritage in the Emigration.

N. Ganson will be drawing on his historical training, church-musical background, and family history to shed light on the life and achievements of Russian émigré choir director and composer Evgeny Ivanovich Evetz (1905-90). Ganson’s great-aunt Elizaveta Semenovna, née Tsybruk, was married to Evgeny Ivanovich and the Evetz story is an integral part of the family’s history. Ganson will draw on this knowledge and other sources to familiarize the conference attendees with Evetz’s labors in preserving the beauty of Russian sacred music in the emigration.

Elias Dubelsten

Choral Damage Control: Church Singing from a Producer’s Perspective

In this masterclass, we will experience what life is like in a professional choral recording session. Complete with microphones, speakers, and producer feedback(!), we will draw attention to, and hope to repair common issues we come across in regular choral recordings and performances. By moving the ‘audio microscope’ closer, the goal is to make singers aware of individual and collective expectations, elevate technique, and improve the quality of church singing in your home parishes!

Kurt Sander

The Mystical Allure of Rachmaninov’s Vigil: A Universal Expression of the Sacred?

Laryssa Doohovskoy

Exploring Pathways to a Beautiful Vocal Aesthetic

David B. Cannata

Amid the суматоха (commotion) of Rachmaninoff’s life, he always remembered God