Conference Facilities


Saint Xenia Church

The 30th Annual Russian Orthodox Musicians’ Conference will be held from October 4–8 at Saint Xenia Russian Orthodox Church in Ottawa, Ontario.


Brookstreet Hotel

Lodging for the conference is arranged at Brookstreet Hotel and is included in the registration fee. The hotel is about seven minutes by car from Saint Xenia’s Russian Orthodox Church. All lectures, rehearsals and meals are also included and will be at the hotel until Saturday afternoon. Friday night dinner is on your own – a great opportunity to explore local dining options. Dinner on Saturday after Vigil and Sunday after Liturgy will be in the church hall.

Parking is available at the hotel at a cost of $13.95 plus tax per day. You can, however, park at the church for free and we will help transport you as needed.

Directions from Brookstreet Hotel to Saint Xenia Russian Orthodox Church